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The Freelance Portfolio Celebrates A Big Move

The Freelance Portfolio celebrated a big move this Fall.


Together with our sister company, Repack Canada, we relocated into a new and improved, bigger and better facility in Etobicoke (a district of Toronto).  To mark the occasion we hosted an exclusive open house for clients, friends and family, and took some time to reminisce about how we expanded from a three-employee business into what and where we are today.  Curious? Come let me show you how we became two whatever-it-takes companies!

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Walking through the halls of our new offices and warehouse, you will find hints that have lead to our success.  As visitors enter our doors they are greeted visually with personal quotes throughout our new building.  The mottos resonate the attitude and effort Carol Levy and her team have put into building up her two businesses, The Freelance Portfolio and Repack Canada.


Jennifer Stephen is our in-house event planner of corporate events, large or small.  In November, she enthusiastically organized The Freelance Portfolio + Repack Canada Open House to exhibit this dazzling new space to our customers and suppliers, friends and family.

“It was thrilling to plan the own Open House after our big move,” Jennifer commented. 

We knew that once our customers and colleagues had an opportunity to see our huge new space, that it would really hit home.  Promotional and event planning possibilities for our clients are endless here; it’s going to be great!”

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And to our delight dozens of invitees flooded in through the afternoon to help us celebrate another new chapter. Not only did we have a supportive turnout, but we were honoured with a formal welcome from Vincent Crisanti, the Toronto City Councillor for Etobicoke-North, who personally presented us with an official welcome parchment.

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Carol Levy established her first company, The Freelance Portfolio, in 1984.  Carol is a devout gardener, but if you think she can grow vegetables, you should see her growth professionally.  In 33 years she has transformed her own design work from a screen porch office to a complete team of graphic designers, writers, photographers and salespeople.  Along the way when co-packing of POS displays became a large volume requirement, Carol made another big move.  She acquired Repack Canada in 2000 when it was just a mere 4,000 sq. foot facility and contract packaging rounded out full turnkey solutions for our clients.

Both companies have been under the same roof for many years now, but 2017 is the year we celebrate such a leap in size.  The motivational phrases throughout our halls echo the themes that have kept our team pushing year after year to support our clients growth and to expand to where we are today.

Let’s check out some exciting highlights inside 130 Claireville Drive, starting with Repack Canada’s warehouse.  Follow me!


Our new iteration is encased inside of a gorgeous, gleaming 55,000 sq. foot facility.  Our massive warehouse allows Kate Stephen, our general manager, to section off floorspace for even more simultaneous production than our Norfinch location, with clean rooms and a lab offering exciting new kinds of packaging service options.

“The sheer size of this place allows us the capacity to turn around even more displays, kits, packaging, labelling… you name it,” Kate Stephen remarks. 

“We have the area to accommodate more pallets at a time and simply turn work around faster!”


Near the front of the warehouse we have custom made rolling work tables for hand work, kitting, display assembly and so much more.

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There is loads of real estate here too for automation handling our flow wrapping, shrink-wrapping, bundle wrapping, labelling, ink jetting, box forming and box taping.  Multiple rows of bright orange floor to ceiling racking divide the front production area from the rear docking bays which open up into the large pallet staging area.  Completed co-packing projects are neatly re-palletized, wrapped and lined up here, promptly awaiting loading onto trucks.  (Check out more photos on the Repack Canada blog!)


Let’s loop back up toward the front of the building. 

As we saunter through the lab, design and sales offices you will notice both an innovation room and a board room for us to incubate our original ideas.  In fact, we may continue brainstorming promotions, develop branding, schedule logistics from anywhere in the building.  From our own private offices to the lunch table (custom made with re-purposed pallet wood) to the kitchen, refuelling every so often on a generous supply of freshly brewed coffee.

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And so let us linger here and visit in the kitchen; this is where a choir of champagne flutes were held high the night of our open house, toasting to our future success; where our loyal customers, suppliers and friends gathered to show their support.  Because they know that all that matters to us is to make great things happen for our clients.

The entire open house was pure celebration with prizes and food, music and toasts, and lots and lots of personal tours. If you have not yet seen our new digs why not book a personal celebration tour today? Seeing is believing as to how we can launch your promotions and co-packing into sky high success!

Call 1-877-804-4841 or email to book your tour now.

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