Corporate Events
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Planning an annual sales conference, an AGM, an award presentation or a live event? We can help! We don’t just plan your corporate events, we orchestrate and design them in a way that leaves you feeling less stressed and your team feeling connected, motivated and inspired.


Planning and launching a large size corporate event is no easy task and can be extremely stressful. Our extensive experience in marketing, design and production allows us to better understand and execute all of our client’s goals.


We take the stress off of you by ensuring smooth communication from initial concept theme, planning and organization of all components to event launch day or week. Here’s a list of just a few of the services we provide when producing an event that will leave a lasting impression!

• Event Management

• Theme Development

• Logo Design + Graphics

• Decor + Set Design

• Print Production

• Communications Strategy

• Multimedia Production

• Video Production + Live sets

• Swag bags + Giveaways

• PPT Development

• Speech + Script Writing

• Guests + Talent Speakers

• Venue Sourcing

• Not Limited to Location

• From Plan to Execution

Find out how we can make your next event one to remember!