5 Easy Ways to Dial Up Your Corporate Events. (Pssst! Really, it’s not hard!)

Business Tips | 5 easy ways to dial up your corporate events | by The Freelance Portfolio

Let’s talk about… 5 easy ways to dial up your corporate events.  (Pssst! Really, it’s not hard!)


I’ve worked for a number of different companies across five Canadian provinces, attending many corporate events. Every boss I’ve ever worked under and every set of colleagues I’ve worked with embody a unique corporate culture. From my experience and from hearing friends’ and family’s anecdotes, I believe that some company cultures are neglected while others are carefully, consciously developed.  I’m sure you can already guess that the corporate culture that is addressed finds greater success.  By why and how, exactly?

Take, for example, Richard Branson – you know, the rich dude renowned for his unusual and eccentric paths to mega-success with his various Virgin companies? Yeah… that guy. While there are various ways to achieve success he realized that there is a universal theme to the longevity and propagation of success.

“Healthy, engaged employees are your top competitive advantage,” Branson asserts.  “If you treat them like the smart and capable adults they are, they will make smart and capable decisions that will benefit your business.”*


Is your culture a club or a flub?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important do you feel your corporate culture is? Do you feel your employees are “healthy” and “engaged”? Do you feel an authentic team effort? Is it even a priority for you? Not wanting to oversell Mr. Branson’s philosophy, he does have a point when he says;

“Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business,”**

The goal of every business is to be as profitable as possible, right? If you can enjoy that road to profitability then why not? Create a work environment where employees recognize this is a non-monetary bonus: “I am feeling valued, I feel I am contributing, therefore I look forward to coming in to do my best work every day.”   I mean, it’s a no-brainer that staff retention breeds workplace stability, right?


So how do you keep your employees engaged and interactive? This is where corporate events are your opportunity to reward current corporate culture or to shape it into a new entity by turning up the volume, or emphasizing its relevance on a regular basis.

And what I mean by “corporate events” is, well, just about anything really! Our Freelance Portfolio team has this special spark we like to call “whatever-it-takes” that we craft into “whatever-it-takes-ivity” for your meeting, parties, team building, ceremonies, road shows… you see where I’m going here…

Consider just one of these 5 corporate events to help you achieve your corporate culture goals. As I explain these examples I will illustrate how we can help you plan the perfect event to encourage or revise your corporate culture.


Christmas, Hannukah, a retirement, a milestone birthday, boss’s day, the completion of a large project  — big or small, oh yes we can structure your event into so much more than dinner and dancing.  WHATEVER IT TAKES-IVITY:  We will make a unique and meaningful, impactful must-attend event.  (Did you happen to know we also have the best pinata makers in town?) Socializing in a fun, relaxed environment builds trust between employees and their leaders.

HOLIDAY PARTY ALERT – check your calendar, there is always something to celebrate.  What’s coming up for you and your office?

Party centre pieces - The Freelance Portfolio building corporate culture


Make it a regularly timed event that attendees look forward to every single year. WHATEVER IT TAKES-IVITY: We can turn lifeless meetings into meaningful presentations and morale boosting activities. Olympic-style villages, fun fairs, ice sculpture competitions, crossing a suspended bridge – just a few examples of out of the ordinary experiences we organize for you that will make an unforgettable teamwork experience.

National Sales Meetings by The Freelance Portfolio - building corporate culture


A great team bonding option, team sports are a great way for your office to use the opportunity to raise funds for a charity during the holidays or ANY time of year.  Paying it forward can have a profound effect on bringing a group together emphasizing a theme of “we all matter”.  WHATEVER IT TAKES-IVITY: If golf is not your thing how about bowling or volleyball or ball hockey or any other sport commonly appreciated in your office? Prizes add incentive and friendly rivalry and help boost fundraising toward a good cause.

Check out one of our team building game events in action right here!


So you don’t have a over 100 employees, so what? It is just as important for a small to medium size business to recap company core values and build cohesiveness. Why-oh-why must this be reduced to boring presentations and dry break-out sessions? No way! WHATEVER IT TAKES-IVITY: We take the lead creating an interactive bonanza that captures the essence of who your company is and sets your future targets; introduce what is to come and how everyone will come on board to achieve goals together in the meetings and break-out sessions that follow.  Hands-on team building makes a massive difference in breaking down social barriers within any size company. Bowling, ice sculpture, karaoke… we will help you create an agenda to get your team engaged and ready to review your weekend agenda.

Ice sculture team building by The Freelance Portfolio building corporate culture


Employees respond to and appreciate sincere recognition for their efforts. This is the time to acknowledge milestones and exemplary work by employees and your company as a whole.

“It seems like a simple concept: Make employees feel appreciated, and they will work harder and be more loyal. But there is often a disconnect between the type of appreciation employees want and what their managers think they want, according to a recent study by the International Association of Administrative Professionals and OfficeTeam, a staffing company in Menlo Park, California.,”***

One president discovered that an employee-of-the-month program was not very inspiring for his employees.  Rather, by taking an authentic personal approach he noticed a world of difference, as reported in an article by Inc.:

He …also made a conscious effort to thank employees several times a week, often through handwritten notes mailed to their homes. ‘At a tech company, it’s all too easy to just write e-mails’ he says. ‘It takes time to sit down and write out a note, but it goes a long way.’”***

WHATEVER IT TAKES-IVITY:  We will coordinate formal ceremonies or take recognition to new fun-loving heights — or anywhere in between.  Special recognition boosts morale which leads to a healthier corporate bottom line.  We have a bottomless pit of ideas for gift baskets, milestone awards, or unique thank you presents, on any budget.

(Pictured below is just one of many Thank You cards from my own boss.  Thank you, Carol!)

Thank you cards -- building corporate culture by The Freelance Portfolio

Take some time to reflect on your corporate culture. Is it hindering or enhancing productivity and profitability?

So you have an idea for enhancing your corporate culture but no idea on how to carry through… or maybe you need a plan and don’t know where to start? Get in touch with us now, we know what to do and how to get you there.

Still need convincing? Check out our event reel below and see what we can do for your company culture. Then call us and let’s get started!


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by Eira Braun-Labossiere